Where is Kindle going?

I’m listening to NPR right now and listening to Jeff Bezos talking about the new Kindle, the latest in electronic reading devices. I dunno. Several years ago, I thought this sort of device would replace textbooks. Now, I’m not sure who will want one of these things.

Without actually seeing one, the problems I see with this include:

  • At $400, way too expensive.
  • No color.
  • No browser (at least I think that’s the case).
  • Suppose I want to buy a book that is not in the kindle store; how would that work?
  • I’m going to guess that most of the books I would read (particularly academic ones) aren’t going to be in this format anytime soon. I’m also going to guess the same is true for most of the blogs that I read, too.

But hey, what do I know? There might be one under every Christmas tree this year. See their video demo if you’re curious; and this might be something that will fit into ENGL 516….

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