"Podcasting on a Shoestring"

Nick Carbone passed this article along to the WPA-L mailing list and I’ve been meaning to post a link to it here and possibly for English 516: “Podcasting on a Shoestring: Community college turns to open source and used computers for captured lectures” is a story about how some folks at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College put together some hardware for podcasting for virtually nothing. Besides being a great story about open source software and the value of “being scrappy” (I think the article uses the term “feisty”), I think it is in the vein of articles/materials I want to introduce to suggest that the “technology gap” is more or less meaningless, at least in a general sense.

Yes, I realize not all is perfect with the world. Someone posted the other day on WPA-L (not in response to this thread, I don’t think) about how she still can only get dial-up access to the ‘net in her rural and Appalachian locale, and how the broadband service providers are unlikely to make it out to her area anytime soon. These problems have not gone away. However, as the podcasting story suggests, less than ideal access is not a reason to not try, and the exception to the rule in this country is certainly not a reason to not do technology stuff in writing classrooms at all. If that makes sense.

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