No postings = no news; but why not read about vinegar?

I just kind of realized today that I haven’t posted to my unofficial blog for quite a while. There’s been no particular reason for this lack of postings here, and I actually have been posting frequently enough on my official blog and on I guess there just hasn’t been a lot of unofficial news. Let’s see….

  • We had a much smaller version of our annual fall Indian food fest.
  • Annette had her birthday last weekend, which included a much needed new computer and a lovely dinner and night out with a sitter and everything.
  • And I’m going to be getting geared up for some midterm travel. I’m going to New York City on Thursday for a conference (more on that on the official blog I am sure, and then we’re all going down to South Carolina next week for a Wannamaker Thanksgiving.

So like I said, no postings is no news, which is fine with me. But if you are really looking for something else to read, why not follow this link I found via boing boing about all the cool things you can do with vinegar?

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