Another link round-up post

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here, all work work work work, and not the sort of work that is particularly interesting to blog about.  All committees and inside department/program politics, things that are maybe interesting to an audience of a dozen people, tops, and often times things that are not interesting to even me.

EMU is on break this week, which will (hopefully) give me a chance to catch up on grading, reading, prepping for the rest of the term, and writing a couple of blog posts too.  But while I’m sitting here watching the Oscars, I thought I’d go ahead and clear out the tabs in my browser and sort through my reader and post a bunch a links:

“Twitter’s five-year evolution from ridicule to dissidents’ tool,” from the Guardian UK, and “The ‘Twitter Can’t Topple Dictators’ Article,” both of which are  articles about Twitter that I’m liable to in my current section of Writing for the World Wide Web.  It’s a nice contrast of readings that say that Twitter is “all that” and that its not.

“Blogging high school teacher has no job — and no regrets.” This is one of many articles about a high school teacher named Natalie Monroe who was fired for a blog that was a bit too honest with her critiques of students. She is still blogging about all this at

The World’s Only Ass Kicking Machine. Something I could have used over the last month or so.

Slushpile Hell. Maybe this is why I gave up trying to write fiction.

“The truth about writers.” This is an oldie, actually, an op-ed piece from back in 2009 from the LA Times. But I think it’s pretty accurate and funny.

“How to Write Faster” from Lifehacker, which I guess might be helpful to the person who wrote that LA Times piece.

I am hoping to have more interesting things to say soon….

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