"Too Old for Facebook?"

This is a Business Week article (I don’t know if it’s just on their web site or not, “Too Old for Facebook?” by Rachael King. The basic point is that a lot of people “born in the 70’s and earlier” are starting to discover things like Facebook in large numbers. This might be something worth including in my teaching, in large part because I have a lot of students– particularly at the graduate level– who either actually were born in the 70’s and earlier, or they feel like Facebook is the kind of thing that only “the kids” do.

Of course, there are two other reasons why I’m linking to this now. First off, it seems like many friends and family (my wife, for example) have just recently discovered this new-fangled Facebook thing and that is kind of amusing. And second, I realize that I have become so old that I fall into the “and earlier” category.

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