Excerpt of Technology Conversation with My Son Will

Will (who is nine) was playing some kind of video game where the cartoon characters are jumping from some kind of disk or another.

Will: What are those things they are jumping on, Daddy?

Me: I don’t know– they kind of look like records.

Will: Oh, records. Those are like really big CDs, right?

Right indeed….

One thought on “Excerpt of Technology Conversation with My Son Will”

  1. A couple of years agao, or maybe 5 or 6 years, Katie asked me what albums were. She’d heard someone on TV talking about the ‘latest album”, and she wanted to know what that was. Weird, eh?
    Does anyone still have a turntable? We do, but we don’t use it except for Richard to play old ‘albums’ of the Grateful Dead.

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