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No time to reflect on this now, but I noticed someone on WPA-L posted an article about, a journal about “Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication, and Falsification.” It sounds interesting, though, according to the article I skimmed on WPA-L, one of the people involved is Denis Dutton, who works on/edits the problematic (IMO) web site Arts and Letters Daily.

One thought on “ this could be interesting…”

  1. A short version of a more extensive article of mine appears in & I’d welcome an invitation to print the longer version (with more examples). Unfortunately, most accomplished writers who plagiarize are clever enough to rearrange or change just enough to cover their tracks sufficiently to avoid prosecution. It will be interesting to see if the Da Vinci case sets a precedent for collecting at least some damages for theft of ideas where verbatim quotation is cleverly avoided.
    David Ray

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