Going "all laptop"

Rich Rice posted a link to this article in Boston.com, “Arizona school will not use textbooks,” to the tech-rhet mailing list. I saw a similar (more in-depth?) article in The Arizona Daily Star, “All-laptop high school to open in Vail.”

I guess my first reaction to this is “it ain’t gonna happen,” at least not entirely. Sure, there’s a lot of textbook info you could replicate electronically, but there’s a whole bunch of information that is either most practically available or only available in good ol’ fashioned books.

And I don’t understand why it’s an “either/or” kind of thing, either.

One thought on “Going "all laptop"”

  1. I totally agree with you re the “either/or” thing. I get so frustrated when so much of the rhetoric around the pedagogical uses of digital technology performs that ridiculous exclusive binary, or assumes that one technology will “kill” another.

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