Will the freakin’ NBA Finals start already, please?

I got Will to bed and sat down to watch the NBA Finals promptly at 9 pm, as advertised. There was some sort of little video montage on at the beginning, so I did a bit of channel surfing. A couple minutes later, I flipped back and the sports guy talking heads were saying the obvious– “Well Al, the team that wants to win is going to have to score the most points.” Okay, whatever.

More channel flipping and there’s some military guys bringing out the flag and Alanis Morissette, who’s there to sing the “National Anthem.” BTW, she apparently became an American citizen a couple days ago. I’m not sure I get that; Alanis says it’s because she loves the U.S. along with Canada, but I have to think there must be some kind of tax advantages or something. Anyway. I’ve heard the “National Anthem” before, so I don’t need to do that right now.

Flip-flip-flip, I take my time to get back, and when I do, there’s some kind of enormously elaborate, well, “half-time-show-like” show on, featuring Will “Once the Fresh Prince but now an actor who raps once in a while” Smith doing something. WTF?! Isn’t there a basketball game on tonight?

More flip-flip-flip, I decide to stay put for the stupidly elaborate introduction of the home team players, and finally, finally, the game starts, at 9:22.

Man, they better not pull this crap in Detroit….

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