Annette out of town, part 1

Annette is at a children’s literature conference in Winnepeg, Canada until Saturday, so it’s just me and Will (well, and Sophie, but that doesn’t really count, does it?). Here’s how the first day without Annette went:

  • Took Annette to the airport with few problems, though Annette had a “computer issue” at the airport. I’ll spare the details.
  • Got Will to school late (he was thrilled to be late to school), went home and got cleaned up, went to work.
  • Worked, taught, downloaded CDs I checked out from the library the other day to the computer in my office, and bought the new Coldplay release via iTunes (cool stuff).
  • Went on grocery shopping trip from, well, not hell, but from purgatory or something. It was in the mid-90s here this afternoon, which doesn’t make driving around between stores a lot of fun.
  • Is the air conditioner upstairs broken or not? I am not sure, but it turns out we have a warranty, so I’ll sort that out later.
  • Talked with Annette a couple of times; turns out that she’s staying in the finest hotel in all of Winnepeg. I’m tired and sweaty and dealing with a little kid and a spastic dog. La-di-freakin’-da. (Okay, actually, it isn’t that bad).
  • Turns out that Coldplay had a show on VH1 tonight that was pretty cool
  • Collin Powell is explaining his ass off about the Bush administration on the Daily Show. High comedy…..

Tomorrow? Why, golf, of course!

One thought on “Annette out of town, part 1”

  1. Ahhhh. . . . After hob-knobbing with the elite of children’s lit, i’m now enjoying room service before I take a fancy swedish shower with not one, but two shower heads, and put on the soft, fluffy robe that comes with my room . . . ah . . . –anet

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