Where the hell have I been– again?

When I started typing the title of this post, it automatically filled in because I had a post with the same title back in September. I wrote back then about how I hadn’t posted much lately because of work and school, and I suppose that’s the case now, too. It’s the middle of the term and Annette and I both have a ton of work.

But for my vast legions of readers, I feel I need to write something here…

* Obviously, I’ve been following Kerry v. Bush. It looks to me like Kerry will win Michigan, but I have an increasingly sinking feeling that Bush is going to win the whole thing. I think Kerry’s one chance is if all of these newly registered voters turn out and actually vote. I saw one poll where first-time voters were going Kerry’s way by like 20% or something like that. The problem is if these people will actually vote. I saw this NYT article about Republicans signing on as “poll watchers,” specifically (to quote the article) ” to challenge the qualifications of voters they suspect are not eligible to cast ballots.” Scary.

If Bush does win, I think our country will continue to go down the sewer in all kinds of different ways– a bigger rich/poor gap, the rest of the world will hate us more, we will build a larger debt, we will have fewer freedoms, etc., etc., etc. There’s one potentially good thing about this though. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally “hit bottom,” and maybe then we’ll finally be forced to have some real change. I’m not talking about a “revolution” per se, but maybe four more years of this right wing mess will make it possible for someone who actually identifies themselves as a “liberal” to run for president. Wouldn’t that be something?

* The big news around here is Annette has a contract for her book project with Routledge Press. I won’t go on and on about this because it’s her deal and it’s more of an academic thing anyway, but I’ll just say that it’s a big deal and I’m really excited for her and proud of her and all of that.

* Will is practicing his spelling more and more and it appears to be paying off. And soon he will have better handwriting than me, which actually isn’t that much of a challenge.

* I keep intending to do yard work, but it has been cold and rainy on the weekends. I might have to suck it up and deal with the weather one of these days.

* Will and I went for our annual pumpkin pilgirmage, this time with friends (Jim, Celia, and Eli). The kids had a lot of fun rolling pumpkins around. Here’s a picture of Will with one of his picks:

* How’s the diet, you ask? I dunno. When I try to be good (you know, eating low carb, hitting the gym, etc., etc.), I stay at about the same place. When I stray from the diet (I’m eating a grilled cheese sandwich right now, I had hashbrowns yesterday, etc.), I stay at about the same place. Depressing.

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