Sure, Firefox and Blogger are both cool, but…

I was reminded of this general thread of discussion I’ve had here before because of this entry on kairosnews about the Firefox folks buying ad space in the NYT. Good for them, I thought, and on the PC in particular, I have been veryhappy with Firefox. As have my students: I have recommended that anyoneusing Internet Exploder on a windows PC shift to Firefox, and the one thathave done this have been very pleased indeed.

And right now, on a blogging mailing list I’m on, Dennis Jerzhas been asking about excessive amounts of spam messages being posted tohis blogs– or rather, I think his students’ blogs. Happily, I posted aresponse about how one of the best things about my shift to Blogger has beenabsolutely NO blog spam messages, something that was starting to occupy waytoo much of my day with MoveableType.

And yet, all is not perfect. For one thing, Firefox doesn’t work with Blogger on my Mac; neither doesMozilla. Both of them get hung up somehow with the login process, and thisis after I allowed for any sort of pop-up and cookies and all of that. Withthe Apple browser Safari, I can make posts just fine (like this one), butthe spell-check feature doesn’t work. Weird, huh?

Oddly, I just discovered Netscape 7.0 works– also buggy in some weird ways, but at least the spelling feature works.

Oh, and of course none of this is a problem on a Windoze PC. I guess those computers are good for something.

Anybody else have problems like these?

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