One problem I haven't had…

Jenny “Stupid Undergrounds” Edbauer recently posted about how she’s turned off the comments feature on her blog because of the volumes of blog spam she was receiving.

I know exactly how she feels. Even with running the fine software MT-Blacklist, I was spending fifteen minutes to an hour a day getting rid of blog spam when I was supporting my blogs with MovableType. With Blogger and Haloscan? 0. Not a single piece of spam on this site in three + months. And just to compare, go look through the archives at my previous official blog– sorry in advance with what you’ll find.

I’m not completely pleased with Blogger because I still have some of the problems I had with it way back in July, but I think this is more a function of the way I have some browsers configured and installed on my computer than it is with blogger, actually. Haloscan cuts off comments too quickly, and I don’t like the “feel” of the Blogger interface as much as MT.

But I do like the lack of spam, and while I do have some cool blog design envy and I keep contemplating a move to WordPress, I think I’ll probably stick to Blogger, at least until I have the time it would take for me to mess with the WordPress install code.

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