A new and nice coffee shop– in downtown Ypsi?

For a change of pace, I decided to try this new coffee shop in downtown Ypsilanti called Bombadill’s– right on Michigan, next to the Ypsi public library and kinda kitty-corner from the EMU college of business. Annette and some friends of ours have been raving about the place because it’s nice, very clean, has very friendly owners, and it’s a hell of a lot closer to here than it is to downtown Ann Arbor.

I agree with Annette, and I’ve discovered another bonus: Bombadill’s has free wireless internet access, allowing me to procrastinate from grading by writing this post right now. Totally sweet.

Frankly, downtown Ann Arbor has a lot more to offer me in terms of entertainment, people watching, and creature comforts. But this place is close– close to my house, close to my work– the parking is cheaper and easier, and the coffee (also cheaper than downtown) is good.

Okay, now I really do need to work…

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