As long as I have your attention…

Funny what posting something that rubs people the wrong way will do for hit-counts. I’m used to getting somewhere around 25 or so a day; yesterday, it was just over 100, and today, at the current rate, it looks like I’m going to top 150. That’s not huge by most standards of course, but for someone who keeps a pretty modest little “academic” blog that has mostly to do with comp/rhet, technology, and EMU, that’s pretty impressive.

Anywho, I thought some folks here might be interested in some of my “happy academic” posts of the past. Sadly, Blogger doesn’t support categories, so if you’re somehow interested in what I’ve said lately about these things, you’ll just have to sort through it.

HA! comments I’m especially happy about include:

* The posts last October that started it all.

* “Should I get a Master’s Degree? (scroll down all the way to December 1 for this one.

* “Should I get a PhD? which is an unusually “unhappy” piece of advice.

* “How to survive a PhD program (assuming you decided to go into one in the first place).”

* “Should I get an MFA in Creative Writing?” a good news/bad news story. (In case you were wondering: yes, I have one of these degrees, too).

There are other posts too, but isn’t this enough, especially in terms of self-promotion?

And for those of you who want to skip all these links and wonder what makes me a “Happy Academic,” I’ll boil it down to two reasons:

* I had a “real job” once, the kind of thing described in “Dilbert,” and the best day of that doesn’t come close to the worst day of this; and

* Given that there are millions of people in this world who have to make a living by doing stuff like mining coal, sewing carpets for pennies an hour, digging ditches, scrubbing toilets, selling their bodies, selling drugs, committing crimes, practicing law, farming rice, begging, or nothing at all, I feel like I ain’t got nothing to complain about, ultimately.

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