Keyboarding and iPadding: A return to the Apple store?

I am typing this post on my iPad with the use of the iPad docking keyboard right now, and I wish before I had bought this I had read the reviews. The keyboard itself is fine– about the same feel as other Apple keyboards– but the problem is the dock set-up.

First off, it doesn’t fit into the dock unless I take it out of the protective rubbery case I bought for it. I suppose this isn’t a complete deal-breaker because it probably isn’t a bad idea to take the thing out of its case once in a while, but it is definitely a pain in the ass, and it is not something I’m all that crazy about doing every time I plug it in. I’m sort of surprised Apple did this.

Second, with the dock sticking out of the keyboard is a) kind of awkward, and b) kind of ugly. If it was just a keyboard, there would be a certain level of “sleekness” to it all, but the dock thing sticks out like an appendage.

Third, I’m locked/docked into portrait mode– probably not bad for most keyboarding-type things, but I think we all like flexibility.

And fourth, a bluetooth keyboard is smaller (and thus easier to carry around/on a trip), and it can actually be used for more than just the iPad (and thus is automatically twice as functional as this keyboard.

So, back to the Apple store tomorrow. Fail, Apple, fail.

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