Wikis in Education from Wetpaint

Just to prove that I am actually getting at least some work done: while looking for something else, I stumbled across Wetpaint’s Wikis in Education page. Sure, it’s kind of an advertisement for Wetpaint, but it also explains in there somewhere how you can set up an educational Wetpaint wiki free of ads, and it has lots of links to other Wetpaint wikis, and that will come in handy for 516 this winter.

One thought on “Wikis in Education from Wetpaint”

  1. I highly recommend WetPaint. It was always frustrating trying to cobble together tools on multiple sites for my courses because they weren’t available all in one place. Wetpaint offers blog-like page editing and easy media uploading and embedding. And the fact that it’s a wiki that students can edit can be useful. After a quick email to Support, the ads were removed right away.

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