The previous three days



Planes and automobiles– no trains, unless you count the tram in the Detroit airport.



While I still think living in Florida would be horrible, I have to say it’s a nice place to visit, especially when Southeast Michigan is getting pummeled with crappy winter weather.

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3 Responses to The previous three days

  1. cheryl says:

    Why would Florida be unpleasant to live in? I’ve been to some beautiful areas (Ocala, Tallahassee etc.) What don’t you like about Florida?

  2. Steve Krause says:

    Oy, where to start?

    To keep it simple, I’d say this:

    * The state is essentially a giant ecological disaster in the sense that they’ve more or less tried to convert wetlands into parking lots, and, oddly, fake lakes.

    * The weather in the winter is fine, but in the summer, not so much.

    * The politics down here run from scary to bizarre.

    * And, when it comes to the retirement-oriented communities I’ve visited over the last 10 years or so, all I can do is quote that line from the Talking Heads: “Heaven is a place where nothing really happens.”

  3. Annette says:


    Laurie Anderson:

    They say that Heaven is like t.v.:
    A perfect little world
    That doesn’t really need you.

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