The previous three days



Planes and automobiles– no trains, unless you count the tram in the Detroit airport.



While I still think living in Florida would be horrible, I have to say it’s a nice place to visit, especially when Southeast Michigan is getting pummeled with crappy winter weather.

3 thoughts on “The previous three days”

  1. Why would Florida be unpleasant to live in? I’ve been to some beautiful areas (Ocala, Tallahassee etc.) What don’t you like about Florida?

  2. Oy, where to start?

    To keep it simple, I’d say this:

    * The state is essentially a giant ecological disaster in the sense that they’ve more or less tried to convert wetlands into parking lots, and, oddly, fake lakes.

    * The weather in the winter is fine, but in the summer, not so much.

    * The politics down here run from scary to bizarre.

    * And, when it comes to the retirement-oriented communities I’ve visited over the last 10 years or so, all I can do is quote that line from the Talking Heads: “Heaven is a place where nothing really happens.”

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