Misc. thoughts on a Georgia/C&W road-trip, part 1

As I’m stuck in Atlanta traffic while Steve B. Drives and talks on the phone, a few notes from the road so far:

  • Most amusing statue to date: that big Jesus reaching for the sky at the something (solid?) rock church outside of Cincinnati.
  • Second most amusing road art: giant decorative bag outside of Chico’s warehouse or something outside of Athens.
  • We were able to golf yesterday at a place called Old Silo that Steve B had researched as the “best public course in Kentucky,” or some such thing. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it was a nice course and wicked hard. I didn’t break 120 though. There was indeed an “old silo” on the course and now Steve B is noticing them everywhere.
  • No golf today though, as had been originally planned. First off, we both actually are teaching online right now, so we left quite a bit later and worked at the hotel on their wifi for a couple hours before hitting the road.
  • Speaking of which, Panera’s come in handy on such trips as a chance to check in on the road. That and Steve B’s iPhone….
  • The traffic around Atlanta completely and utterly sucks.
  • And of course, I insist on listening to the new R.E.M. As we approach Athens. It’ll be off to the hotel and then to a reception for the conference at some place called the Tasty World….

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