C&W 2008, day 2

Sure, some folks are at the Rhetoric Society of America conference right now (or soon) instead of at this fine conference, though, as I learned from talking to David Blakesley the other night, there are at least a few people going to both C&W and the every other year RSA in Seattle.  David talked about how he was flying from here to there.  Yikes!  Not my idea of fun….

But so far, here (as in C&W) has been a pretty fun and informative conference.  Steve B. and I drove for hours and hours and hours on Thursday, and made it in time for the reception at Tasty World (which was a bar rather than a cake store) and then had subsequent and largely unmentionable evening activities about Athens, GA.  I can’t post pictures of anything right now because I forgot the cable to upload picts from my camera (very annoying), but I can tell you a good time was had by one and all.

I went to a good session this morning, went to a very good talk by Jay David Bolter, and a good and kind of heart-warming panel where I am pretty sure most of the speakers were giving their first conference presentation.  I thought that was cool because I too gave my first conference talk at a C&W many moons ago….

Anyway, Steve B. and I did some shopping in the afternoon before attending the usual banquet.  We left a little the banquet a little early (because we could) and wen  heard afterwards that Nick Carbone was recognized this year as the  C&W contributor/person of the year.  Or whatever that is called.  Congrats to him!

So far, UGa has put on a very pleasant comfortable and pleasant C&W, and Athens has been a lot of fun.  As far as I can tell, it is as if Ann Arbor, Blacksburg, VA, and Charlottesville had a love-child and named it Athens.  I don’t think I’m going to see much of the college music scene that has made this town so famous, but I’ve liked what I have seen.

Tomorrow, Steve B. and I present at different times and then it is off to the UGa golf course.

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