Thanksgiving roadtrop thoughts, the South Carolina edition

Life is hard for Will, ain't it?

We’re in Columbia, SC to see family on the Wannamaker side of things. A few thoughts this morning:

  • As you can see from the photo above, this hotel is a bit nicer than the place we stayed on the way down in Virginia. There’s an absolutely killer HD TV in this room too, and it’s all been recently redone. Very nice.
  • Oh, and btw, I left the plug for my computer at that hotel. Fortunately, I discovered that the plug for Annette’s computer works fine on this one and the people at this Virginia hotel are going to mail the other plug home. Hopefully.
  • We’re staying in the ‘burbs, which might as well be anywhere, though it’s quite a bit warmer here than it is in Michigan right now.
  • Will and I went scrounging for something for lunch on Thursday and ended up at a nearby Piggly Wiggly. I almost bought a t-shirt with the pig on it, along with a University of South Carolina hat. Their mascot, which is the gamecocks, was abbreviated on this hat as “COCKS” and in big capital letters like that. I had some misgivings about wearing a hat that said “COCKS” in big letters though.
  • Will and Annette and her mom went and did some touristy stuff on Friday while I stayed back at the hotel to get some work done– mission semi-accomplished. I asked at the front desk for advice on someplace to go around here for barbecue and the kids there suggested a place called Sticky Fingers. I found out about this too late, but this is a bit like recommending Applebee’s as a good place to get a great local burger. Obviously, the people at the front desk do not care much for BBQ.
  • Some more family things today and then tomorrow it is the long long drive home, which we’re going to do in one day. It’ll be dark when we start, and it’ll be dark when we finished.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving roadtrop thoughts, the South Carolina edition”

  1. Sticky Fingers? That sounds dirtier than the hat you failed to purchase. I had one of those hats!

    Footnote: I was born in Columbia SC.

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