I like Ikea, but not this much

Via Boing Boing comes the news that Ikea in Oslo is opening up a hostel-like/hotel-like space so that shoppers who just don’t want to leave can get up the next morning and keep on shopping. Yikes! By the way, that link above also has lots of other cool Ikea links, including this one, Ikea Hacker, which is a blog space about making various mods with Ikea products.

Will and I went out to the Canton Ikea yesterday. Originally, we were supposed to meet up with Bill HD and family, but the timing was off and once we got there, my cell phone didn’t work in the store, thus thwarting our plans for meeting up. But alas, another time. Anyway, Will and I first had lunch where Will ate 13 out of the 15 Swedish meatballs we ordered (I had two and a salad) and about two-thirds of the cake-like thing we always get. I bought a magnetic white board (note the cheesy painting of Will in the right part of that image, the hat collection, and other “basement boy” office decos), a Billy book case (I’ve moved over some of my snow globe collection to this shelf), and a few other things, including cardboard magazine holders like the ones in the picture of the book case.

It’s been a while since I bought an Ikea book case, and it seems like the quality of materials and ease of assembly has improved a great deal. On the other hand, it turns out that the white board function of the metal bulletin/white board isn’t quite like the white boards at school. I wrote on my new Ikea purchase with an old dry erase marker from school I had around here, and it is most certainly not wiping off. This picture of the stain is after much elbow grease and rubbing alcohol. Not good, though easily concealed behind some photos, so as long as I use the official Ikea markers, I should be fine.

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