I played at Pierce Lake Golf Course yesterday with Bill HD, Jim K, and Bob H (a former administrator returning to faculty at EMU), and I had a 93 (see below), a new low for me.

However, there are many asterisks that must be noted:

  • We did play the usual house rules, which did include a mulligan on the front nine (though I didn’t need one on the back nine).
  • None of us were happy with our play on the front nine; I had a 54. So we all agreed to play the back nine from what I guess I would describe as the “old man” tees: they weren’t the women’s tees, but the next one back. I’ll admit that we were all happier with our play–the other fellas knocked off between 5 and 10 strokes on their game, and I had a 39 (see below) back here– but it did feel a little like cheating. There are some significant carries off of the that these closer tees simply avoid.
  • Bill kept score, and I think he added wrong– I actually had a 40 on the back, giving me a 94– still my lowest game ever.
  • While there were no unicorns involved, I obviously had some good luck, too.

Anyway, with all of that, I still played really well, and it probably could not have come at a worse time. For all kinds of sabbatical related reasons, I really need to not play a whole lot of golf and spend my time reading and writing, and when I’m not doing that kind of stuff, I should be doing stuff around the house (e.g., painting, stripping wallpaper and painting the bathroom, etc.). And yet, after golfing like I did the other day, I feel like I need to figure out a way to sneak some more golf in….

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