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A #cwcon 2014 in Pullman recap

I had an educational/fun time at the Computers and Writing Conference last week in Pullman, and I promise I’ll get to that after the jump. But let me get some complaining out of the way first. I still wish that … Continue reading

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Missouri et al trip recap

It’s funny because while I haven’t been here for the last week, I spent plenty of time online here, here, and here. In the real world, I was off on the every other year Krause family summer get together in … Continue reading

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Terror golf course movie

This happens like all the time: Via boing-boing, which explains it a bit more. Tweet

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“Golf can ‘damage hearing'”

This via boing-boing: “Golf can ‘damage hearing.’” I assume that what they are referring to here is the high-pitched “ping” made by some high-end drivers when the ball is struck. Specifically, the club specifically being complained about here is the … Continue reading

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The first of a couple animal videos: turtle at Eagle Crest Golf Course

For father’s day today, Jim K. and I played golf at EMU’s Eagle Crest Golf Course, which is described in this web site as being part of the “Eagle Crest Resort.” Well, if a corporate hotel and a golf course … Continue reading

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Computers and Writing 2008: Krause’s Big Wrap-Up

First off, let me back-track a bit and fill in a few more details on what I’ve already mentioned about C&W and this trip: The “very good session” I went to on Friday morning before Jay David Bolter’s talk featured … Continue reading

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Part of my on-going and idiosyncratic references to unicorns

Via boing boing and from this site here. No, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me either…. Tweet

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It’s all relative, I suppose…

Steve B. and I played golf today at Reddeman Farms, and a good time with good play was had by one and all. I don’t think that Annette was thrilled with playing again this week after playing Sunday, but I … Continue reading

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Unicorn for sale…

aww, ain’t that cute? Maybe Bill HD and I can take these two golfing next time…. Tweet

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I played at Pierce Lake Golf Course yesterday with Bill HD, Jim K, and Bob H (a former administrator returning to faculty at EMU), and I had a 93 (see below), a new low for me. However, there are many … Continue reading

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