iPhone envy

I am supposed to be working but I was just scanning through Boing Boing’s entry on the Jesusphone— oops, I mean the iPhone. People are obviously collectively drugged stupid on Apple’s excellent marketing, but the reviews generally seem enthusiastic to say the least.

While I do want one of these things, that’s not going to happen for a while. I bought a new cell phone a couple weeks ago, a purchase in which I was COMPLETELY ripped off and an example of being an idiot for not doing a little more shopping. In any event, I’m locked into a two year contract, and that’s okay because I don’t have any problems with Verizon. Plus I for one am interested in seeing the second or third generation of the iPhone that will inevitably come out within the next eight to 12 months, one that will probably include more memory. Plus I’m pretty sure my wife would respond to the suggestion that I buy one of these $600 phones with the $100 a month service plan would be “over my dead body.”

Still, I am pretty sure that my next phone/iPod will be one of these things.

As a sidenote: I wonder if Apple will market something like the iPhone that isn’t, well, a phone? I mean, as it is, the iPhone can connect to a wifi network for doing various internet things. Hypothetically, I don’t see why one would have to have a phone and/or a service plan in that device, as long as a user would be happy with getting online only via wifi. I’d almost rather have just that device than one that is also bogged down with a phone.

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