Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV again…

Paris Hilton’s prison tales are going to be showing up in People magazine. Goody.

I can’t deny that I too (like most Americans) have had an odd fascination with Paris. She’s sort of the new Anna Nicole, isn’t she? As part of the junk TV watching in our household, we often watch Entertainment Tonight, which Will has come to call “The Anna Nicole” show. As Paris went to jail, the ET folks were in a quandary: talk about a now well-dead blonde woman who was famous for almost nothing, or talk about a not-dead-yet and younger/skinnier blonde woman who was famous for almost nothing. Tough call.


Anyway, I’m glad that Paris was punished and was forced to serve her time like a “real” person and everything, but now I’m sort of thinking that it has become a sort of publicity stunt in reverse. I wonder if preteen/teen girls all over America are now going to be pleading to spend a month in jail?

Funny addendum from the MSNBC morning show. Makes me want to watch, actually.

One thought on “Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV again…”

  1. I’m just sad they didn’t keep her in jail longer :P
    And that bible incident with Larry King Live was hilarious!

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