Strange Fruit in Ann Arbor

Somewhat on a whim, we all went to the Ann Arbor “Top of the Park” festival tonight, mostly to see the top-bill of the night, a performance group called “Strange Fruit.” Not to be even remotely confused with the Billie Holiday song.

Anyway, here’s my little video:

If you’re seeking other movies and info, be sure to check out this nice and recent YouTube video of the group. The next time we go to the Top of the Park though, we’ll pack a picnic and chairs and such.

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One Response to Strange Fruit in Ann Arbor

  1. For oak and elm have pleasant leaves
    That in the spring-time shoot:
    But grim to see is the gallows-tree,
    With its adder-bitten root,
    And, green or dry, a man must die
    Before it bears its fruit!

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