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And one more thing about football: location matters

This is sort of a “PS” to the post I had the other day about EMU on HBO Sports: The joint report issued by the Faculty Senate, the EMU-AAUP, and EMU Student Government is getting some ripples of attention in the … Continue reading

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Bloom, Iowa, and academic locales: a few thoughts

I read about Stephen Bloom’s Atlantic article about Iowa not first in InsideHigerEd but in an email my father sent around to family.  Bloom, who is a journalism professor at the University of Iowa (this will matter in a moment), wrote a … Continue reading

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Boarding up Borders

It’s just a matter of time before there are no more Borders to visit, so while running a bunch of other errands on Saturday, I decided to take in the latest going out of business sale at one of the … Continue reading

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Krause’s Around Ann Arbor

I have other things that I want to/should be doing, but since there are a lot of folks coming to town in the next few days for the Computers and Writing Conference, I thought I’d put together a map of … Continue reading

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“I’d like to thank the academy” and other prequels to C&W 2011

The other day, I received an email informing me that I’ve won the John Lovas Memorial Weblog Award for 2o11. Go figure!  This comes after I’ve decided (or, employing the passive tense, it was decided) to shelve my research on … Continue reading

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While Buttoning Down for the Groundhog Day Snowopoloza

Three snowy thoughts: Extreme snow edition #1: circa 1982/3/4, the middle of Iowa:  the worst snow event I can recall happening to me was somewhere in high school.  I recall being a part of a high school debate/speech team event … Continue reading

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Puppets and (Shadow) Art

Actually, there were shadow puppets too…. Anyway, here’s a not very good set of clips from the Dreamland theater production of “The History of Ypsilanti: A Puppet Show” and walking around at the Shadow Art Fair from yesterday: Tweet

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Saturn 4 sale

I just posted the ol’ Saturn to Craigslist:  Here’s the link to the ad and info. Right when I started seriously looking for a new car, the “service engine soon” light came on.  I was hoping it would be just … Continue reading

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Ann Arbor’s “Top Chef” connection

I just read in the Ann Arbor Chronicle that Eve Aronoff, who runs the restaurant eve, is a contestant on the upcoming season of Top Chef. Good for her, though I have to say I don’t recall going to eve.  … Continue reading

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Ann Arbor city council doing stupid emailing during meetings

This was an amusing way to wake up this morning: Some question appropriateness of mocking e-mail banter during Ann Arbor City Council meetings in the AANews. Here are the opening paragraphs: After his presentation to the Ann Arbor City Council, … Continue reading

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