Unofficial Remodeling

Just a note to my millions of readers: I’m going to attempt to finally update to the latest version of WordPress, which might cause some problems and which will probably result in a different look to the site. So be patient and don’t be surprised….


So, what do folks think about this set-up?  I can always switch back, of course….

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7 Responses to Unofficial Remodeling

  1. Steve says:

    Hmmmm? The new design seems to create more work for me. For instance, I have to click twice to find your links. Don’t know about the blue/orange thing either. And where’s the header pic of Sophie/the Boy, etc. . . . Change is bad. I’m disoriented. Time for Wapner. — net

  2. Steve says:

    Weird on the comment thing. Let me see what this does…

  3. Steve says:

    Here’s a test, too

  4. Bill H-D says:

    I like the new look if you can get it to function well – it’s fresh and clean, just like Spring!


  5. Steve says:

    Yes, this is a lot better than the orange/blue thing you had up this morning.

    like Spring?


  6. Steve says:

    Yet another comment (just a test)

  7. Andre says:

    I commented yesterday, but it is no longer here. I like it, but it seems crowded. Everything is smooshed over to the right w/ about an inch of unused space on the left side.

    I had no qualms with it the way it was either though… so have fun either way.

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