TC Weekend, Sept/Oct 2006

TC Weekend, Sept/Oct 2006

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I’m super-duper pooped from a great weekend up in Traverse City, but I thought I’d post a little something about the whole whirlwind of a trip. Kind of in the order of the trip, but also in the order I remembered it:

  • We drove up there in pretty crappy rain, but by the time we got up there, it was just kind of grey.
  • Big BIG ups to our hosts with the mosts John and Karen. John and I were in the comp/rhet program at BGSU together way back when. He and Karen were just very generous and kind and just a ton of fun. Too much fun on Saturday night, but that’s a whole different story.
  • One of our missions was to check out the cabin/house that my side of the family (well, really, my parents) are going to rent next summer. It looks like it’s going to be as cool as this web site suggests.
  • Drove around, went to the beach (see above), saw changing leaves, talked textbook publishing and teaching and stuff, went to Cherry Republic, bought cherry ketchup after much encouragement from John and Karen.
  • We ended up at a very nice restaurant, getting a table after all the homecoming dance kids cleared out. Will was pretty sleepy by then, and the nice folks at this restaurant let him stretch out on a booth bench. They even got him a little pillow.
  • Stayed up way too late Saturday. And I don’t know if it was a good idea to have three different bottles of wine open at the same time….
  • Toured around this morning on Mission Peninsula, hiked a little, looked at pretty views a lot, had a little lunch, and then said our farewells.
  • Not much to report about the drive back, but we stopped at a very cool veggie and fruit market, which included this amusing sale of water-logged golfballs.

Not a lot of pictures, but the set from this trip is here.

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