Good CSS Article (or, something else that has been pushed to the side lately…)

I have skimmed through this morning an article on A List Apart called “12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards.” It strikes me immediately as the sort of thing that would be perfect for a class I teach about once a year, Writing for the World Wide Web.

Then I remembered that I was planning on developing an online version of this course for Spring 2007. I had intended to get this into the pipeline/python of getting the proper departmental approvals and such at the beginning of the school year.

And then I remembered: of course, the strike.

It is funny (not in a ha-ha way, of course) the ways in which the strike and its on-going aftermath rears its ugly head.

In any event, it’s a good article on CSS….

2 thoughts on “Good CSS Article (or, something else that has been pushed to the side lately…)”

  1. This piece could be called, “12 reasons why a lot of folks don’t want to use CSS.” The gap between what’s promised by web standards and what is actually delivered is troubling. I’m all for ’em, but what’s the point when the use of standards requires hacks and workarounds?

  2. cbd: the point is that the components and objectives of standards are broadly agreed upon, and experience steady (rather than sudden) adoption. People working with CSS now won’t need to learn it later. Standards (as published) are thought through, not than slapped together with duct tape and baling wire in response to market conditions. Finally, in order for the whole system to work standards need developer uptake. As a developer, if given a choice between duct tape and baling wire (in one hand) and actual bolts (in the other), I will endeavor to use the bolts.

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