Ferris State Settles; a predicition of what's to come….

As reported in a variety of places, Ferris State’s faculty have settled a contract right before classes began. According to the linked story, “The tentative agreement calls for a four year contract. The faculty would get a 2% raise the first year, and a 3% raise each year after. As for the health benefits, the school pays 90% the first year, and anywhere between 80% and 90% the following years.”

So, there you have it.

The issues are different between here and there– the health care scheme seems quite a bit different, for example– but here’s what I predict:

  • We will get a nearly identical deal– maybe an additional percentage in the first year, but around 3% for four years (though they’ve been talking about it being a five year deal for a while now).
  • We will get this nearly identical deal at the last possible moment. The only thing up in the air is what exactly the “last possible moment” is going to be. Will it be when the contract runs out– which is September 1– or will it be right when classes start on September 5? We’ll see….

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