“This is Jim Rockford– I’ll get back to you…”

Via Johndan’s blog comes this link to transcripts of the messages left on Jim Rockford’s answering machine. Ah, memories. The Rockford Files is one of those shows that, like Johndan I think, I used to watch all the time when I was a kid. I loved that show; Johndan said he learned everything he knows about firearms and driving from the show. Me, I learned everything about living in a trailer and the beach in LA from the show.

Makes me want to do some searches for The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

One thought on ““This is Jim Rockford– I’ll get back to you…””

  1. Rockford is awesome. I love that show and still watch it every chance I get. I also love the old Maverick series and Support you Local Sheriff. James Garner is fantastic.

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