Failed Ice Cream

Failed Ice Cream

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I’m not sure what happened. It seems to me to be a conspiracy of some sort.

I blame Steve Pierce.

Actually, in my attempt to make ice cream for the first time in a long time, I had a failure that I really can’t explain. I followed the recipe to the letter, one from the very reliable How To Cook Everything, but I think what happened was I used too much fat– six egg yolks, half-n-half, and then cream. I haven’t used that many eggs in the past, and I have also usually made ice cream with just half-n-half.

In any event, this “failure” has inspired me to try again (stay tuned for more details), and it has also at least resulted in a rich and chocolatey drink.

Hmm, drinkable Ice Cream...

3 thoughts on “Failed Ice Cream”

  1. Be careful, my friend. If you poke fun at local politcians people with no sense of humor might take your jokes literally. I mean, blaming a public figure for your personal problems could be seen as pathological, you know . . . :-) (for folks who don’t get subtle humor — the smiling face icon means “I am joking.” See, Steve doesn’t actually blame Pierce for the failed ice cream and is making a joke (as he often does). And I don’t really think he is pathological, I’m just kidding. Just thought I’d clear that all up). — Annette

  2. I think he used all those eggs just to spite the frustrated chicken farmers, though. Chocolate eggnog, yum.

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