How’s Annette’s leg, anyway?

Just in case you’re wondering on the status of Annette’s twisted-up leg: the short version is it’s getting better, but she’s still obviously in a lot of pain and I don’t think she’ll be playing hacky-sack anytime soon. She went to the doctor on Tuesday, and (Annette reports, since I wasn’t there when the doctor said this) there was much eye-rolling and muttering of “over-kill” at Annette’s half-cast. Anyway, she (woman doctor) told Annette to keep it wrapped, to start trying to walk on it a bit, and to be patient because it will take a couple of weeks to get better.

I’ll let Annette comment here if she wants to add anything. But basically, she’s okay getting to and from the car to a house or a restaurant or whatever, but she’s not ready to just go out walking around on it. We’re going to the Museum of Science and Industry tomorrow, and we’ll be getting a wheel chair for her for this one.

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