Iowa, Summer 2006

Nowhere, IA

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On the road again, here’s Iowa somewhere between Iowa City and Des Moines. I’d like to say Iowa is more exciting than this, but that might be an exaggeration.

I took a walk around the Cedar Falls neighborhood this morning, and I noticed a crew starting to strip off the shingles on the roof. The thing that struck me was they were wearing old-fashioned jeans and shirts, and they all had those Abe Lincoln beards. And they were all white, which is more common in Iowa, I suppose. Amish? I wondered….

Amish it apparently was. My dad told me that it’s pretty common to get Amish folk around here to do projects like roofing, siding, floors, etc. To quote my father: “They do good work and they work for cheap. Some of them don’t drive though, so you have to pick them up. They sing hymns while they work.”

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3 Responses to Iowa, Summer 2006

  1. Bill H-D says:

    They might also be Dunkards, aka German Baptists or Church of the Brethren. We saw them quite a bit in Indiana. They frequently do carpentry as part of their orthodox beliefs, I understand, to continue the work of Jesus (literally).

  2. Andre says:

    He needs to record the hymns and then do a pod-cast!

  3. cbd says:

    There are sizeable Amish communities around here (Western IL and Iowa). I often see Amish at the coffee shops in town, and I run past a few Amish farms.

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