The latest version of my home office

The new home office

Millions of unofficial and loyal readers may recall that back in December 2005, I set up a basement office space with the ping-pong table. It worked pretty well, but it had a few disadvantages, not the least of which is that this set-up ruled out playing ping-pong.

A few weeks ago, Will was complaining to me about the lack of ping-pong table. I said to him “if you give up the play area you have in the basement, then I’ll move my desk stuff and set up the ping-pong table again.” This was an easy deal for Will because the play area consisted of stuff he hasn’t played with in years.

Anyway, after much rearrangement, I am back to the arrangement you see above. It’s a throw-back all the way to my Ph.D. days, a door desk set up on milk crates. It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it has a lot of space.

There are other features not pictured here. In the foreground is the treadmill (I think I stood on it to take this picture) and to the left is a filing cabinet with a DVD and TV on it, mostly for viewing while on the treadmill. Be sure to click here to get the whole tour with the notes I left on Flickr.

So far, I think I like this set-up quite a bit. It has some advantages over the ping-pong table, and besides that, we’ve actually been able to play some ping-pong. Will has a long ways to go to be competitive with me, but he’s a lot better at it now than he was when we first got this table a few years ago.

I don’t know if I’d win this Lifehacker contest for “coolest workspace,” but it’s pretty nice. Of course, while I think the contest winner is nice enough, the workspace I really think is interesting is the “Treadputer” set-up, something I could kinda/sorta do here on the fly if I moved a few things around….

8 thoughts on “The latest version of my home office”

  1. Well, if I replace this laptop with one of these new Macbook Pro laptops and do a little creative rearrangment in the basement, we could make this happen….

  2. I’m much more likely to get my exercise at the Washtenwaw County Rec Center, and when I am on the treadmill, I’m watching something like Daily Show Reruns or channel surfing. But it might be a good idea to catch some movies….

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