Bombadill’s makes the Eastern Echo

There’s a nice little write-up about Bombadill’s Coffee House in Ypsilanti in EMU’s student paper, the Eastern Echo.

I’m actually in Bombadill’s right now, certainly the best coffee shop in all of Ypsilanti and my choice of a coffee shop destination when:

  • I really have to get down to work instead of merely “hang out” and/or people watch;
  • When I need a reliable Internet connection and I don’t want to be at home (I say “reliable” because some of the coffee shops I go to in Ann Arbor have spotty at best WiFi and because if something doesn’t work here, I know the people behind the counter well enough to ask them to fix it);
  • I’m meeting someone from EMU for something (for example, I actually taught a class that met here in Winter 2005– a great idea); and/or
  • When I’m in the mood for the Chicken Chili (which, since today is Tuesday, ought to be on the menu for lunch).

But I still don’t have Ypsi in my veins the same way that Pete does.

Anyway, c’mon down and check the place out.

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3 Responses to Bombadill’s makes the Eastern Echo

  1. Lynn Garr says:

    Hi Steve! Here you are blogging when you COULD be grading my essay… wow, you must be really addicted, huh? ;-)

  2. Steve says:

    Actually, I am grading your (and everyone else’s) essays while at Bombadill’s. So it’s a win-win deal.

  3. Lynn Garr says:

    Of course you are! LOL (Am I getting an A yet?)

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