Will on the links

Will Golfing

Will and I went out and played what was his first round of golf on a real golf course. Sort of.

Will said he was interested in playing golf, so I bought a kiddie-sized nine iron a couple weeks ago for $3 at a Play-it-again Sam’s Sports store. I figured that before I went out and spent $50 on a set of kiddie clubs, I’d make sure that he was actually interested in playing. We went out to the driving range once and out shagging balls another time. He liked it, but he wanted to play on a real golf course.

Well, there’s this play around here called Pine View and I found out that they’re running a deal that kids play for $1 on the “Little Pines,” which is their par 3 course. I elected to get a cart (to avoid the possibility of Will pooping out and to give him the added thrill of riding), but even with that, it was only $15 for the two of us. Even better, the course has kids in mind. It has men’s tees, women’s tees, and junior tees, which are way the heck up close to the hole.

I can honestly say we both had a great time. The Little Pines is pretty good for a little par 3 course. It’s short obviously, but there some very narrow fairways, some water hazzards (two of which I hit into and one which Will actually hit over), and some difficult hills, so I had fun playing a “not super easy” course. Will had a blast and he got some good hits when he took his time and kept his head down, my only real pieces of golf coaching. I don’t think I’ve got a Tiger Woods on my hands, but he had fun– I think we might play on Monday, too– and with some lessons and such, I’m sure he’ll get better and be able to beat me in no time.

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