We're not Afraid web site

While watching ABC Nightly News last night, I heard about the “We’re not Afraid” web site, which includes a whole bunch of images that express support for Londoners in light of the recent terrorist attacks. I’m linking it here because I think it’s a worthy tribute and also because I’m planning on including a unit/project/discussion in a class I am redesigning this summer on “visual rhetoric.” This site and a few others might be interesting to talk about.

One thing to think about though: in the ABC News story, they showed a bunch of images from the site– individuals, couples, animals, etc.– but they did not show one person of color. All white folk. When I went to the site itself to look around a bit, it took me a while to find anybody who wasn’t white. I don’t know exactly what that has to say, other than perhaps that’s a commentary on “we” and who ought to be “afraid.”

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