Did you hear? Some sorta Harry Potter or other book is coming out….

I feel pretty confident in saying that my wife won’t be reading this blog for a while because she’ll be spending her time reading the new Harry Potter book instead. Anyway, Maud Newton has a collection of nice and fun links about the latest book here.

Two other quick thoughts:

  • Personally, I kind of like the Harry Potter books. I read the first three– I liked the first one the best– and I’ll probably read the fourth one before the movie in November.
  • I guess you could argue that the Juggernaut that is J.K. Rowling, Inc. is so gigantic that it just rolls over other book in the store, children’s and otherwise. I think that’s part of what Newton is getting at. I dunno; I think that anything that gets kids to read is probably a good thing.

One of my official blogging colleagues has a pretty funny “summary” of the new book…

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