“Come saw some wood with me”

You know those kind of weird/kind of goofy Brawny paper towel commercials, the ones where there’s this guy, who is dressed up like a lumber jack but with a look on his face sort of like romance novel cover model, cleaning up a frosting mess in a kitchen? The commercial ends with him holding a puppy in one hand and birthday cake in the other, somehow all brought to us by paper towels. I’ve never known how to take this commercial– are they kidding me? is this supposed to be weirdly sincere? is this supposed to be some sort of woodsy soft porn scene?

But a colleague of mine at work referred me today to the Brawny web site— specifically, the “innocent escapes” part of the web site. In these little vignettes, we are comforted/entertained by a Brawny-inspired man, masculine and handsome, and yet sensitive and attentive to our needs. In one clip, he’s throwing a pot on a wheel. In another, he talks us through a painting he made inspired by our beauty. And in another, which inspires the title of my post, he invites us to “come and saw some wood with me.”

These are freakin’ hilarious. I know someone who I have to send the one about hair to right now.

4 thoughts on ““Come saw some wood with me””

  1. The little bits and bobs in the “make your own” Custom section are actually different from the pieces of the fully pre-formed movielets. Don’t miss them.

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