The Daily Show and its Turd Blossom Coverage

There have been numerous NUMEROUS reports about Karl Rove’s lying and leaking ways on the web– Wonkette, Daily KOS, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, you name it. I’m not going to bother to link to these things because if you throw a brick at the blogosphere, you’ll hit a Rove critique. Or, if you are in a right wing mood, apologies.
But last night’s The Daily Show talk about all this was the best I’ve seen so far (be warned– this is a big QuickTime file). What I like most about this piece is that Stewart et al reminds us that this whole deal with Rove ratting out the CIA agent (and lying about it) really dates back to the beginning of the Iraq war when Bush claimed in his State of the Union address that we needed to take action because Iraq was trying to get the raw materials for making nuclear weapons (BTW, that turned out to be a lie, too).

Anyway, check it out, or watch the repeat of The Daily Show when you get a chance.

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