Will’s food rating system

We had lovely family dinner at Gratzi last night; it had been a long time since we had gone out to dinner, so we decided to go to someplace nice. A good meal was had by one and all.

Will’s dish of choice at Gratzi is penne pasta with an alfredo sauce (or is that alfrado sauce? I’ve seen both spellings), and he thought it was great. “How would you rate that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best thing ever?â€? Annette asked.

“I’d say… 9 and four-fifths,â€? Will said. And he then proceeded to give ratings to several other foods. Here’s a selection:

Asparagus: 0

Regular Milk: 2

Licorice flavored jelly beans: 2

Broccoli with ranch dressing: 4

Hot dog with bun: 5

Strawberries: 6

Chocolate milk: 7

Hot dog without bun: 7.5

Gratzi pasta: 9.5 (or 9 and four-fifths, though this morning, he said that was a 10 too)

Vanilla-flavored milk: 10

Most kinds of candy: 10

5 thoughts on “Will’s food rating system”

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bad math. But part of what I’m getting at is Will keeps changing his ratings. Which he’s entitled to do of course, but it does lessen the science a bit.

  2. We were enjoying the ratings. I am not so sure about the asparagus and vanilla milk – I would probably switch those, but otherwise I am pretty much on board with Will. I just didn’t want Will’s brilliance to be tainted by your bad conversion of fractions to decimals.

  3. Actually, that vanilla milk isn’t too bad. It tastes kind of like what a milk shake would take like. I wouldn’t want to drink a whole glass of it and I wouldn’t rate it so highly, but it isn’t nearly as bad as (for example) strawberry milk.

  4. tonight’s meal at chez H-D:

    Homemade Mac-n-Cheese (baked in the oven) = 10
    Stewed tomatoes = 8 (but required for the above)

    mmm…comfort food

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