In the Apple Computer Department

I thought I’d mention two things here, one serious and one not:

* As most computer geeks know by know, Apple has come out with the so-called “headless Mac,” which they are calling the Mac mini. Basically, it’s a Macintosh box for $500– you furnish the monitor, mouse, and keyboard. It’s a G4 processor, which is kind of a shame if you ask me (my next computer will be at least a G5), but it strikes me as a kind of interesting marketing ploy. This isn’t really a device for me, a devoted iBook user. I think the market they are after are folks who are Windoze users but who are really into their iPods, and/or people who are thinking about switching and want to do it on the cheap, and/or people who wouldn’t mind running both platforms with more or less the same equipment. Which is a huge plus of this thing, it seems to me: I don’t think you could plug and unplug the monitor on the fly (but I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some kind of adapter that would let you let you do that), but I guess what I’m saying is you could have both a Windows PC and a Mac PC on your desk, side by side, and you could switch between the two with the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse after swapping out a few cables. I think that would be kinda nice.

* I very much enjoyed this parody Apple ad I found on the enjoyable blog Gizmodo. It falls into the “funny ’cause it’s kinda true” category of things.

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