Back to the new year, back to the diet

We’re back from Florida, we’ve taken down all the Christmas decorations, we’ve started the Winter semester at EMU, and we’re all back to normal, more or less. So now it’s time to get back on to the diet.

My short-term goal is to lose 15 pounds by March 25, which is my birthday. This strikes me as a reasonable goal, and if I’m successful, I’ll be at my lowest weight in probably about 10 years.

I’m going back to Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, at least for the first week: no alcohol, no carbs, lots of veggies, low-fat meats, eggs or fake eggs, cheese. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stick with this part of things, but my hope is that if I fall off the wagon a bit, I’ll fall just to Phase II, which allows for wine (no beer) and high-fiber carbs like whole wheat bread.

I’m also going to be hitting the gym as often as possible. My schedule this semester will allow me to go at least three days a week, sometimes four or five. Since we’re down to one car, I also expect to do quite a bit more walking to and from work.

Keep various things crossed.

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