"Broadcast Composition : Using Audio Files and Podcasts to Build Community and Connections in Online Writing Classes"

I made it back home after the CCCCs in one piece– more on my conference adventures tomorrow or so when I get a chance tomorrow or so. But in the mean-time, I thought I’d go ahead and link here to an audio version of my CCCCs presentation about audio files and podcasting in online classes. Be warned! It’s 9.2 MB and about 16 minutes, so use with caution.

I think it loses something without the PowerPoint presentation. I hope I can get this ProfCast thing to work and I can tie it to the audio to the visual soon enough, but if you want to enjoy the slides right now too, you can see them here.

Krause's Pre-CCCC Podcast

Here’s a brief podcast wherein I share a few thoughts about the upcoming CCCCs.

Three additional things:

  • The title of my talk is “Broadcast Composition: Using Audio Files and Podcasts to Build Community and Connections in Online Writing Classes.”
  • The software that I was talking about not getting to work is Profcast. Hopefully, it’s something I’ll be able to figure out later, but not before I am off to Chicago. Though I just figured out that the software developers are in Ann Arbor; maybe I can just stop by and ask.
  • I forgot to mention in my podcast that I really like the CCCCs quite a bit. Unlike MLA, where the general mode is formal and job-seeking, the CCCCs is casual and happy. Sure, a few schools interview there, but not many (and I hope it stays that way). And given that the job market in composition and rhetoric is considerably better than in most of the fields popular at MLA, I suppose there is a better vibe at the CCCCs based on professional and financial stability.

Anyway, I’m ready for the Chicago adventures…. almost….