Krause's Pre-CCCC Podcast

Here’s a brief podcast wherein I share a few thoughts about the upcoming CCCCs.

Three additional things:

  • The title of my talk is “Broadcast Composition: Using Audio Files and Podcasts to Build Community and Connections in Online Writing Classes.”
  • The software that I was talking about not getting to work is Profcast. Hopefully, it’s something I’ll be able to figure out later, but not before I am off to Chicago. Though I just figured out that the software developers are in Ann Arbor; maybe I can just stop by and ask.
  • I forgot to mention in my podcast that I really like the CCCCs quite a bit. Unlike MLA, where the general mode is formal and job-seeking, the CCCCs is casual and happy. Sure, a few schools interview there, but not many (and I hope it stays that way). And given that the job market in composition and rhetoric is considerably better than in most of the fields popular at MLA, I suppose there is a better vibe at the CCCCs based on professional and financial stability.

Anyway, I’m ready for the Chicago adventures…. almost….

3 thoughts on “Krause's Pre-CCCC Podcast”

  1. The short version is I tried to talk through my presentation with powerpoint, I thought the way that I was supposed to, and it didn’t appear to be recording correctly. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. The good news is that, as far as I can tell, you guys are in Ann Arbor. That means I might actually be able to make a local phone call and get soem help with it. ;-)

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