Misc. “town hall” thoughts

I’m watching “the debate” while simultaneously commenting on student essays. A few random thoughs:

  • I think a buzzer or a bell for time expired is in order. Poor Tom Brokaw.
  • McCain seems to be shuffling around on stage quite a bit. I dunno, but he looks really really old to me in this format next to the much younger and vibrant Obama.
  • And McCain keeps saying the same thing over and over again. If he says “my friends” again, I’m gonna throw something.
  • If Obama was a white guy, he’d be 25 points ahead. Easy.
  • Hair transplants? WTF?
  • I don’t think Obama gave a good response to the the genocide question. But there is no good answer to that, really. But stop saying “my friends,” Johnny. Two in one sentence! That’s quite the drinking game….

On the whole, not much happened. No big crashes. I watched this on CNN, and their various tickers/etc. seem to have Obama as the winner, and that was my impression, biased as it is.

Okay, a little more grading….

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