I might very well vote for a Republican– sort of

The Michigan primaries are coming up on Tuesday, but it’s going to be meaningless for the Democrats because of squabbling within the party. As I understand it, when the state party moved up its primary date with permission from the national party, the national organizers said that Michigan’s delegates won’t count. Clinton, Obama, and Edwards aren’t campaigning at all (Dennis “rhymes with spinach” Kucinich is making some stops though). Obama and Edwards aren’t going to be on the ballot and there are no write-ins allowed. So basically, if you don’t want to vote for Clinton or Kucinich, you’re only choice is to vote for uncommitted, as this Ann Arbor News article about a group pushing for “uncommitted” explains.

First off, this is just bullshit. People can complain about the system in Iowa or New Hampshire all they want, and maybe they have a point, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of stupidness that is the way we pick candidates for president. The idea that I can’t even write in the name of the candidate I want (Obama) is ridiculous, and voting for uncommitted is the same as not voting at all. I don’t know what the right way to do these things, but what’s going on this year– especially in Michigan (Florida too, I think)– is definitely the wrong way.

Democrats for MittAnyway, this is the climate that just might make me vote for Mitt Romney. This is part of a campaign/joke over at the Daily KOS, which is explained here and here. Basically, the idea is to vote for Mitt and thus prolong division in the Republican party and Romney’s campaign. As the Daily KOS puts it, “We want more of that money spent trashing his fellow Republicans. We want an unsettled field with Republicans fragmented and fighting. We want the theocons (Huckabee), the neocons (McCain), and the corportate cons (Romney) to maintain viable top-tier candidates in the race for as long as possible, since it fuels their civil war. Heck, if we truly hit the jackpot, we might even get a brokered GOP convention.”

It’s an intriguing idea. If it’s easy to do, I will probably do it. But I’m not sure I can vote for a Republican even as a joke….

One thought on “I might very well vote for a Republican– sort of”

  1. I was planning to vote for Kucinich anyway, but it’s pointless now. Except that I suppose it could help in the media.

    I definitely can’t stomach voting for Mitt though. That guy is just a Grade-A douchebag! I highly doubt voting for him will mess w/ the GOP any more than my vote for Kucinich will make a difference with the Dems.

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